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I thought it was time to offer a natural setting for cake smashes that really puts the focus on baby. Simple, elegant and organic in feel. You don’t always need loads of decor and background options – baby and a cake is all it takes. It took me a while to decide on a general setting. I do offer standard simple set ups such as solid white or neutral backgrounds – but what if there was a little more to it than that. I wanted a natural feel to it, not a typical studio feel. I thought, what do I do when I want to photography my own children somewhat candidly? Answer – find the best light and tidy a small space just enough to make my home look clean 🙂  So why not have a set that is simple and clean with great light, and may possibly look like it was taken in a natural home setting. That is what I wanted to do. So I found a space, created the light and went from there.

And this was the result. I loved it! 

It could be a plain empty nook of a room, or decor could be easily added to the wall – just as you would decorate in your home for a party or occasion. Subtle, or a bit more extravagant, but at the same time keeping it low key by the soft white colour and gentle pops of subdued colour in the props. The possibilities are endless to customize it to baby’s birthday decor, colour scheme, theme or outfit.

I can picture the focus solely on a baby curiously checking out a cake set before them. Touching the gooey icing, feeling the cake crumble in their fingers, and that first bite of something they have not tried before. How great would this look with a baby and the mess of a cake all around without any loud background distractions.

And the cake…..

“Naked Cakes” have been trending for weddings and events, and are so elegant and simple. It was the perfect addition to my new set. A vanilla cake, lightly iced with white frosting – just enough for baby to get messy – gave a very organic feel, and fit so well with the look of the set. Toppers could be added to give it that little extra something and peek baby’s interest.

I am very happy with how everything has come together and can’t wait for some new little clients to try it out. This set is now an option when you book a cake smash with me – just choose the “Baby Focused Cake Smash” when filling out your session request form online. I have included the link below, or go to my site’s investment page and click on “Book Now” in the cake smash section.

Don’t get me wrong, I love elaborate set ups with different themes and loads of decor which I will still continue to offer, but I think sometimes less can be just as great and sometimes better if done right.

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